Seattle In Progress

Seattle in Progress tracks construction projects throughout Seattle from application to completion, giving local residents and businesses a way to stay informed at each step of the process, right from their phones.

Seattle In Progress Web App

Visual Identity Refresh, UX Design

Brand Expansion, Online Ads, Responsive Web App, White Label App Extension

Seattle is currently one of the most rapidly growing cities in America. Construction projects have become a normal part of everyday conversation, and with that, the desire to know what's being built downtown, down the street, or even right next door. Beyond providing information to satisfy curiosities, Seattle in Progress can also notify users of new projects, giving naysayers the chance to appeal for changes to construction plans that might create unfair or unappealing living situations.

We worked with them to revamp their marketing website, improve the user experience design for the responsive web app, and extend it as a white label solution for businesses. They were able to double their business as a result.

SiP Ads
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SiP Construction Abstract Light
SiP Revised Menus

By making the web app responsive, users can view details about construction projects as they encounter them throughout Seattle.

SiP Mobile View

We helped Seattle in Progress develop a white-label version of their app to generate a new revenue stream.

SiP White Label Map View
SiP White Label 3-up