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Branding & Design

What is the difference between identity design and branding?

Identity design involves the core visual elements used in your materials: logo, font selection, color palette, business cards, and stationery. Your brand is made up of everything that contributes to your company’s personality–the way you interact with your customers, how you want to be perceived, and, most importantly, how your audience perceives your company to be. We can work with you on both of these, which includes the visual, written, structural and visceral aspects of your company.

When does a small business need to think about their branding?

All the time. And as early as possible.

Many businesses put off branding because they perceive the process to be financially restrictive, or they consider other projects to be more time-sensitive. That’s often because the role of branding is misunderstood. Branding is the process of connecting a company's business plan with their marketing and production plans. If it’s completely ignored, or, if marketing comes before branding, issues stemming from confusing messaging and production inefficiencies bog down your company's ability to grow. The branding process decreases these kinds of distractions by creating a structure that fits your company.

Since good communication is the life-force for business, it’s important that the core of what you’re trying to present is something your audience embraces. Defining your brand helps you clarify that message, then build your business around it. This way of approaching communication helps you maintain not only your image, but also your way of doing things inside and outside of your company.

Invest in the future of your company by building relationships through consistent messaging.

When should we brand or rebrand our company?

Here are a few common indications that you're ready to professionally brand or rebrand your company:

  • You've been in business for a few years but your company doesn't seem to be getting the recognition you deserve.

  • You're scrambling to produce marketing materials as each trade show or big meeting rolls around.

  • Your materials are mismatched and sound like they were written by several different people (likely, because they were).

  • You've been in business for awhile, but still can't decide which style fits your company best, so you're trying out new things.

  • Times have changed, and so has your audience or product—you need a fresh image to show you've still got it.

  • You've undergone a lot of internal changes, and evolved into a new company that needs to reconnect with your audience or expand your reach.

  • You need a new image to help save the future of your business.


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