Quietyme developed technology to resolve noise complaints before they even happen.

Quietyme Hero

Branding & Identity Design, Responsive Website Design, Collateral, Illustration

Brand Launch, Collateral Design, Website Design

Through two accelerators, and thanks to their dedicated founding team, Quietyme grew into a respected brand as the guardians of peace and quiet. We supported them from their very early stages while they were still distilling their ideas and designing their prototypes. Over the course of a few years, we supported the launch of their products in the healthcare, hospitality and property management verticals. Their "Internet of Things" includes a configurable web app, base station and sensors.

The concept of quiet and the glowing sensor lights became the focus of their visual identity. We set aside large areas of white space in their layouts to provide a calm space in contrast with the colorful gradients that mimic the glowing sensor lights. The friendly fonts and color combinations create an approachable image for this high-tech shushing system that helps organizations provide more peaceful environments and gain favor in their industries.

Quietyme Logo

The logomark is the letter “Q” shaped by four walls of a room. Its shape is also similar to a chat icon, which highlights the connectivity the device offers to building management teams.

Quietyme Hardware
Quietyme Diagram

Each room is outfitted with a noise-detecting sensor that warns occupants when they get too loud. Breaches are reported in real-time to management to prevent complaints. We illustrated these products so they could be scaled and reused throughout their collateral.

Quietyme Brochures
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"Few designers understand and support business the way Kari does. We trust her with our most important projects, from our logo design to our investor pitch decks, and we lean on her professional guidance for our brand. She created materials that impress all of our clients, even the ones that currently work with the GE's and Samsungs of the world."

John Bialk, Founder & CEO
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Quietyme Signage

Over the course of their rapid business development and product iterations, we supported Quietyme's growth with copywriting, design and illustrations to position their brand as a real contender in a number of verticals.

Quietyme Presentation
Quietyme Collateral

"We’ve seen the wisdom in working with someone who understands branding and startups from the beginning. Kari makes it easy to work quickly and effectively. She is our go-to person in many matters not even directly related to design. She has never let us down."

John Bialk, Founder & CEO
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