CloudMunch Website

CloudMunch is an ambitious team working to tame the complex world of DevOps with their unifying web app, integrations and template tools.

Cloudmunch Hero

UX Design, Website Design, Illustration

Brand Expansion, Website Design, Product Development

We worked with CloudMunch through multiple iterations of their marketing website and app. We created everything from their interface, to the individual product icons and their illustrated onboarding process and product diagrams.

CloudMunch Website Tour

We designed the website to be flexible so the layout could accommodate new products as they were developed. We created a series of icons for each product and illustrated how the products could be used together with other platforms and coding languages.

Cloudmunch Website Products
Cloudmunch Branded Spot Illustrations
Cloudmunch Product Launch
Cloudmunch Website Products Expansion
Cloudmunch Product Diagram

Visitors jump from the website directly into signing up for an account and starting their first project. The illustrated step-by-step instructions show users how to use the app as they progress through the account setup process.

CloudMunch Account Setup

CloudMunch App

See the work we did for the CloudMunch app interface.