Identity Refresh, Responsive Website Design, Presentation Template

Project Type
Brand Expansion, Website 

Shiftboard is rapidly advancing to the top of the list for employee scheduling software. We helped them compete in their space by tweaking their current look and feel and completely revamping their website, making it more responsive, functional and attractive to prospects. We worked with their in-house marketing team to maintain their SEO and clarify their content.

Not wanting to noticeably transform their image, which was growing in recognition, we made minor alterations to their logo's letterspacing to improve its readability and polish, and toned down their very orange orange to a more palettable reddish orange.

To flesh out their image, we extended their identity to include photo treatments, a bold color palette, custom icons, page layouts and type treatments for their responsive website and PowerPoint presentation templates.

We balanced their bold, energetic color palette with a clean, open layout. Their new website included several customized page templates that could be applied to new pages, and updated easily by their in-house marketing staff.

This pricing table was given special attention for responsive viewing on mobile devices. To add a bit of energy to the page, we animated the numbers when toggling between monthly and annual pricing.

We organized Shiftboard's extensive collection of Case Studies by industry, then added a filter to let visitors easily view all studies, or just those within a selected industry. This made it easier and faster for viewers to find content they could connect with their own needs.

We provided a versatile PowerPoint template with plug-n'-play content. This made it possible for any team member to create a number of presentations without having to fiddle with fonts, colors or layouts.