ChalkDoc Identity & Web App

Product Validation, Identity Design, Illustration, UX Design

Project Type
Brand Launch, Design

ChalkDoc was founded by a teacher who was disenchanted by the canned lesson-planning tools on the market. He took things into his own hands, designing a completely custom app accessible for any teacher's budget, along with relevant and entertaining questions to help students feel more engaged. Now, instead of pushing a couple buttons and watching a complete, non-editable worksheet appear, ChalkDoc gives teachers control over the specific kinds of math problems they know their students need to work on most.

Our work with ChalkDoc started by validating the idea and establishing a market need through research and user surveys. We then developed a simple visual identity, creating a consistent look and feel to extend across their responsive marketing website, worksheets and web app as they experimented and scaled its functionality. While keeping it simple was the number one priority in their early days, we made sure to bring out the approachable charm of the brand through custom illustrations and playful copywriting.

We also collaborated with their developers, designing the user flow and interface of the web app, and creating an adaptable marketing website which the founder can edit at will.