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Case Study

Close sales faster with persuasive customer stories and testimonials.

Engaging & Customer-Focused

Case Studies for Your Growing Tech Company

Case studies are a company's most effective form of social proof. But a case study that’s drowning in industry jargon is a wasted investment. Even if it’s read, it won’t be remembered or acted upon. Instead, capture the attention of investors and customers by telling your customers’ success stories in an engaging way.

Go beyond a boring retelling of the problem your customers have, the solution you provide, and the results your customers experience. Turn your successes into memorable stories that inspire trust and lead to more closed sales.

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Uncover and agitate your target customer's need for your product

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Help your customer envision working with you

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Answer your customer's objections with credible social proof

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Illustrate how your product works, using actual examples

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Present various use cases and unique applications of your business solution

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Activate your customer’s imagination to see what’s possible

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Showcase different verticals

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Inspire trust with contextual, concrete data

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Provide a relevant reason to follow-up after an initial sales call

Case Study Deliverables

Plot Creative Studio provides a full-service experience to take the process of interviewing, writing and designing case studies off your marketing team's plate.

Case Study Strategy@2x

Strategic Discovery Session

Ensure an insightful, targeted case study interview with our kick-off strategy session that covers your ideal customer and their pain points, the solution you provide, and the results you’re most proud of. Determine the action you want your case study readers to take.

Case Study Interview

Professional Customer Interview

We will conduct a professional interview of your customer, using questions that have been developed specifically for your sales goals. Up to two people (ideally C-suite) will be included on the call.

Case Study Email Template Gray@2x

Editable “Case Study Request” Email

Improve the likelihood that your satisfied customers will agree to take part in a case study by using our email template that you can personalize and send.

Case Study Report@2x

Sharable, Downloadable Report

Receive a completed two-page report that has been professionally designed to complement your other branded materials. Your report includes an executive summary and the case study.

Optional Add-ons

Popular services available by request. Fees will be estimated prior to beginning work.

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Additional Testimonials

Curated promotional quotes that didn't make it into the case study.


Bite-sized Story

Your Tweetable case study in 140 characters or less.


Custom Infographics

Highlight stats with professionally designed infographics. 

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Professionally Designed PDF

Ready to share, print or offer as a gated document to collect leads.

Case Study Copywriting & Design

Process & Timeline

  • Kickoff

    Schedule a strategic discovery session to identify your sales goals and your ideal case study interview candidates.

  • List of Interview Questions

    We will develop interview questions that uncover your customer's most compelling stories.

  • Request Interviews

    You send the provided template email to request their participation.

  • Schedule the Interview

    We will schedule and complete the interview.

  • Write

    We will write the case study within 2 weeks of the completed interview.

  • Content Approval

    We will send you and your customer the written case study draft for approval.

  • Design & Layout the Case Study

    If you would like us to lay out the case study as a PDF, there are a couple options: we can create a reusable design template that your team can use to lay out your own future case studies, or we can lay out each case study for you. We provide two design/layout options and one round of revisions for the selected option.

  • Final Files

    We will share the final case study document as raw text in a Google Doc along with any design files included in the scope of work.

Use Case Studies to Accelerate Growth this Quarter

Partner with us to complete 2-3 case studies each month, or simply start with one. Get started in as little as 2 days.

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