Plot Creative is an independent strategy and branding studio based in Seattle, WA.

Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Our work is equal parts strategy and execution. We help small and mid-size companies launch new products, simplify their workload and build their brands wisely.

Focusing on business development, we employ creative services and technology to support the transformation of small and mid-size companies across multiple industries—from food & beverage to real estate and SAAS applications. We believe in our clients and make ourselves available as a go-to team for ongoing problem-solving.

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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Beyond tangible deliverables, the greatest value we bring is our process itself. As we get to know your team, we ask, observe and distill your greatest assets into enticing, practical interactions to connect your company with the right audiences. As "outsiders," we are often called on to provide perspective and uncomplicate complex business matters.

We don’t believe embellishment or persuasion are at the foundation of a good marketing plan. Instead, we work with you to consolidate your team’s natural strengths, and illustrate your offerings through relational, scalable communication tools that fit your business.

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"We’ve seen the wisdom in working with someone who understands branding and startups from the beginning. Kari makes it easy to work quickly and effectively. She is our go-to person in many matters not even directly related to design. She has never let us down."

John Bialk, Founder & CEO

"Beyond being an amazing artist, Kari really understands how important branding is and how to construct a brand to meet my business’s needs. We’re extremely grateful to have worked with her."

Niko Skievaski, Co-Founder



  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding & Identity Design
  • Collateral, Campaigns & Promotions
  • Copywriting
  • Illustration
  • Responsive Website Design & Development
  • User Experience Design (UX) for iOS
  • Interface Design for Web Apps
  • Brand & Communications Consulting
  • Creative Direction/Art Direction



Kari Kay

Founder, Creative Director

Kari is an award-winning designer and illustrator, and serves as the Creative Director and point person for your projects. She specializes in brand strategy and user experience design for print, web and apps. Her resourcefulness, tech-savviness and creativity have made her a valuable asset for small teams in need a versatile teammate. As a seasoned veteran of the Startup world, Kari has a keen sense for helping companies develop, promote and scale new offerings with minimal effort and resources. She is decisive and detailed, and adept at remaining flexible in an ever-changing industry.

In her spare time, she loves to take train rides through Europe, listen to people's stories, discover new music, and flip through vintage booklets and prints.

Kari may be the only person in Seattle without a dog. Here are some of her pets:

Lean Design for Startups
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Andre Gagnon

Full-Stack Developer

Andre is a top-rated WordPress theme and digital product developer whose products have been used to power 20,000 websites worldwide. Starting off as a designer for ad agencies, Andre switched gears to become a full-stack developer, making him uniquely equipped to provide engaging front-end user experiences and clean, scalable code. His knowledge of online marketing and ability to incorporate seamless third-party integrations make him an essential partner for lean teams.

Andre makes lovely swappable, scalable bits and bytes for the masses:

Project Huddle

Our Approach

Our Approach

We work in a variety of ways to accommodate your projects and team. If you've never worked with creatives before, no worries. We have a clear process that we'll walk your team through to make sure your voice is heard, and that you connect with your audience.

Whether you need a team to take on your entire rebranding project from start to finish, or need us to make iterative changes to ease you into your transition from hodge-podge to grown-up, or even if you just need to bounce ideas off us to steer you in the right direction, we're here to help.

Ways We Work

We work on a project-by-project basis. This is typically what clients need. Before we begin your first project, we will do a deep-dive to understand your brand and business goals. Then we will discuss your project pipeline and provide recommendations to make the most of your budget and timeframe. We will present you with a proposal, including a detailed estimate to outline the scope of work involved, and a contract to sign. Getting things in writing keeps everyone on the same page (and makes our lawyers happy).

Kari can work solo with your team. Need a Brand Strategist, Creative Director or Senior Designer? Hiring full-time is expensive and risky. Kari can be on call for questions big and small for a fixed monthly rate. 3-month minimum, works remotely unless on-site is required for special circumstances

Want to keep us on retainer?We thought you'd never ask! Once we complete our first project together, we can hammer out the details of your retainer and project plans. 3-month minimum


Ways We Don't Work

We don't work on spec. Our portfolio, testimonials and years and variety of experience should speak for itself.

We don't work for equity.We love startups and the entrepreneurial spirit, and we know how tricky it can be to manage a tiny budget. That's why Kari created Lean Design for Startups. Check it out >

We (mostly) don't work on rush projects. We've learned that if a company is rushing to complete a project it's typically because they haven't been willing to work on their foundational brand message and core identity, which is what drives solid communication and product development. We believe branding—not design—is critical to creating sustainable businesses. We understand there are some exceptions, and special opportunities that you may not have known about until yesterday, so we will approach this on a case-by-case basis.

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