Lean Design for Startups

Lean Design for Startups

Product Validation, Branding, Identity, Responsive Website Design, UX, Collateral Design, Copywriting, Educational Course Design

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Brand & Identity Design, Collateral, Content Development

Lean Design for Startups is one of our Founder's favorite pet projects. After helping dozens of startups launch and iterate on their products, Kari saw how a lack of understanding about the creative process was costing entrepreneurs precious time and unnecessary heartache. She is continually developing new materials to help them take advantage of the ideation processes used by designers to bring efficiency into their own workflows, and to validate and improve their ideas before they invest their hard-earned cash and limited time and energy on them.

This growing collection of educational content is both an exercise in "eating your own dog food" as well as a service to ambitious tech-savvy entrepreneurs. By following her own branding and design advice, Kari tests her educational content against her own experience and presents it for feedback to members of her target market. In doing so, she ensures its effectiveness and relevance for early-stage business owners.

Boiling down over a decade of branding and design expertise into bite-size 5-20 min. exercises for the design-challenged has been an incredible experience that has only strengthened Kari's love for the design process and its ability to serve people in practical and often life-changing ways.

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